How to create your own post

Want to create your own post, it's super easy. Follow these steps.

First, navigate to the day you would like the post to be published.

On desktop, click on the day in the calendar.
On mobile, click the Calendar button in the bottom-left corner, then click on the day in the calendar.

Next, click the Create a New Post button.

Click on one of the social media platforms you want to publish this post to.

Type in your caption.

If you want to add an image, tap the grey area labeled Tap here to add an image.

Select an image from your computer.

Note: An image is required for Instagram. For Facebook or Twitter you can create a text-only post.

Click Save.

If you want your post to go to multiple social media platforms, click the other platform(s) in the Custom Post window. The caption and image you created for the first platform will be inserted by default for the other platforms. You can use the Edit feature to make any necessary changes the captions and images.

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