Understanding the Post Panel

We’d like to explain how the Post Panel works and how it will become your go-to resource for getting the most out of your social media marketing.

Let's start with the basics. The Post Panel is located in the middle of the Social Jazz app on desktop, phones and tablets. It always displays one-day of content, the day that is active in the calendar as indicated by the green outline. In the example below, the Post Panel would display content for November 25th.

The content displayed depends on what you have planned for the day.

For days that have one (or more) posts planned

Clicking on the day in the calendar where a post has been planned causes the Post Panel to jump to that day and display a preview of the post(s). The preview includes:

  • The post images for each social media platform you have connected
  • The post captions and hashtags for each social media platform you have connected
  • Controls that provide a way to edit or remove posts

If more than one post is planned for a day, a preview of each post will be displayed. For details on editing posts, see the How to create you own post article.

For days without a post planned

Clicking on a day in the calendar that does not already have a post planned causes the Post Panel to jump to that day and display possible suggestions (if any) for posts to add for that day. You can also search the a Catalog for posts to add or create your own post using the authoring tool. 

For days in the past

Clicking on days in the past will jump the Post Panel to that day and non-editable content is displayed. For posts that were automatically published on that day, you will see the day & time the post was published, which platforms it was published to, and what the posts looked like for each platform. You cannot add posts to days in the past

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