How are post styles determined?

Social Jazz offers three (3) different visual style of posts.

  • Illustrative - uses illustrations over various backgrounds
  • Typographic - solid colored background with text overlaid
  • Photographic - uses text and logos overlaid over photos

Unless you edit the style of posts, the app will rotate the styles used so that you get a variety on your social media feeds. 

This supports our  GOLDEN RULE #3 of Social Media Marketing: INCORPORATE VARIETY

The Forbes Communication Council states “ The biggest social media faux pas is not showcasing many types of content on your feed…

Consumers looking at your brand want to get to know you, so give them the whole picture and more. Variety should also be applied to the visuals you post. Change it up... switch between posting photos, text only, screenshots and more

Of course your can always edit posts to use the style you want.

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