Getting started with the Post Catalog

Just a short time ago, you had to fill up your own social media calendar. And if you wanted to stay active on social media, that meant having to come up with ideas to post every week. Quite a chore.…

Updated 1 year ago

Understanding the Post Panel

We’d like to explain how the Post Panel works and how it will become your go-to resource for getting the most out of your social media marketing. Let's start with the basics. The Post Panel is locate…

Updated 1 year ago

Understanding your Social Jazz Calendar

There is no better way to plan and track your social media than with a social media calendar. It lets you see all the posts you've sent to your social media accounts, or plan to send - organized by m…

Updated 1 year ago

Getting started with the Social Jazz app

There are three panels in the Social Jazz app, each with an important role to play in making your social media marketing amazing. The Calendar Panel - displays when your posts are planned, or were pu…

Updated 1 year ago